How to install Linksy Multi Functional (WPSM54g)Printserver

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How to install Linksy Multi Functional (WPSM54g)Printserver

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:18 pm

The Wireless Print servers for the multifunction Printer - WPSM54G does not support LPR printing like other Linksys print servers. The only way to make the device work with a printer is to install the software that comes with the WPSM54G. Configuring it via web interface even though if it has one does not work out !!
Just disable all firewall and security software in computer and run set up wizard from CD and go through the wizard.......If it does not work out it ...reset printserver by holding reset button for 90 secs..and simultaneously plug in and out the power chord every 10 secs...Run set up wizard again ..The set up should be able to detect printserver...If it does not check for firewall as i mentioned before....even after that if it does not work call up Linksys tech support and check for compatibility info of your printer with wpsm54g......The printer simply might not be compatible with the print server


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